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 BEGINNER: Swim Kids 1-4

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Swim Kids 1&2: This level is an orientation to water and an essential beginning point for building the foundation of basic swimming strokes. Swimmers develop front and back floats, front, back and side glides, and flutter kicks assisted to unassited on front, back and side. Water safety skills such as an introduction to PFD's and assisted deep water activities.

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 Swim Kids 3&4: This level will begin to develop front and back Crawl with arm action and rhythmic breathing, shallow and deep water entries and exits, and increase swimming endurance from 5m to 15m continously. Water safety skills and messages are taught such as when and where it is safe to swim, how and when to call 911, and treading water for 15 sec.                                  

 INTERMEDIATE: Swim Kids 5-7


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Intermediate Swim Kids 5-7 level focuses on building swimming skills as progressions to front and back crawl, introduction to breaststroke, elementary backstroke and dolphin kick. Building endurance to swim continuously 50-150m. Self safety skills such as treading water, and stride entries, as well as an introduction to diving skills. Water safety skills and messages taught: Boat Safety-What/Where/When, Hypothermia/Cold Water Survival, Diving Safety-What/Where/When.                                        

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ADVANCED: Swim Kids 8-10

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Advanced Swim Kids 8-10 focuses on increasing endurance and stroke improvement for front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, and elementary back stroke with a major focus on breathing and stroke timing. An introduction to side stroke and water safety skills will such as eggbeater/tread water, perform feet-first surface dives, head first surface dives with underwater swim, and shallow standing shallow dive.  Will build endurance to complete 500m continuously.

Check Level Equivalency Chart