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Covid-19 and Communicable Disease Participant Illness Plan

  • All participants must declare they are symptom-free by using a Daily Health Check prior to their daily lessons. Participants must not take part in any 947 program if they have any symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19 or a Communicable Disease

  • If a participant test positive for COVID-19 or a Communicable Disease (Isolate):

    • Stay home for 5 days.

    • If you have no symptoms or your symptoms are resolving after 5 days, you may return to your 947 Swim Program.

    • If you have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves.

  • If a participant exhibits signs of respiratory illness or symptoms related to Covid-19 or a Communicable Disease, while participating in a 947 Swim program, they must immediately separated from the rest of the participants in a supervised area, and be given an face mask. Contact is made with their emergency contact and arrangements will be made for safe travel home.

  • Provide the participant with tissues and support as necessary so they can practice respiratory hygiene. Once the participant is picked up, wash your hands, clean and disinfect the space and equipment the participant used. All participants are required to fill out a 947 Swim Incident Report Form.

  • Sick participants are directed to use the Daily Health Check Tool 

  • If a participant is assessed by their family physician or nurse practitioner and it is determined that they do NOT have COVID-19, they may return to 947 Swim programs once symptoms resolve. 

  • If a participant is diagnosed with Covid-19. All 947 Swim programs will be informed and will be encouraged to monitor for symptoms.

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